Brunel IT Services provides exceptional professional IT services at an exceptional price, on a foundation of Two Decades of Business Level IT and Network Support.


Two decades of experience supporting…

  • Private sector businesses
  • Education – secondary and primary schools
  • Public sector & Local authority


Installation and support services…

  • Networks
  • Servers
  • PCs, Laptops
  • Cloud based
  • Remote working
  • Security
  • Wifi
  • Telephony

…and much, much more



Exceptionally low price for exceptionally high levels of service, our pricing structure is straight forward and excellent value.

Either go PAYG or purchase blocks of hours at a reduced rate.

IT networks are a fundamentally important part of every business and organisation.

A business network could be a few PCs, laptops and phones connected wirelessly to the office internet or, at the other end of the spectrum, complex iaas* systems in federated hybrid mode with on-site directory authentication services, bespoke system databases and high capacity SAN storage (don’t be concerned about the jargon, leave that to us !).

The IT requirements of every business are unique and infinitely varied. As such, you must choose your IT support and management service provider wisely. Someone you can trust to safeguard the integrity and security of your business data and provide robust, reliable access to the applications and resources that your business needs, without costly, frivolous and unnecessary extras.

What you need is the unparalleled combination of Knowledge, Education, Experience and Trust….

What you need is Brunel IT Services.